Making Memories

As a Coach it is vital that I put into practice what I encourage my clients to do.  Sometimes it would be so much easier just to go with the mantra “do what I say not as I do”.  This way only results in less credibility and reduced authenticity and genuineness.

A regular exercise that I suggest is the rocking chair test!  Imagine yourself at 95 and looking back on your life – what would you like to be remembering?  What memories would you like to reminisice about?  Often it is only the things that we DON’T do that we regret rather than what we DO do. So with this in mind what memories would you like to start making now?

For me it has been a dream to drive a dog sled in the Artic.  What am I waiting for?  To be fitter? To have saved more money? To go with someone else?  I could be waiting and it may never happen.  So to follow my own advice have now booked a weeks dog sledding in the Artic Circle next year.  Who knows whether I’ll be fit enough, can cope with it – what I do know is that I will be making my memories!


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