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The Four Horsemen of Negativity

Montony, tiredness, complexity and news can all drain our resources and increase stress. How can we counteract them? Continue reading

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Neutralise Thoughts

We know how powerful are thoughts are but by just tweaking a few words we can lessen the negative impact. Continue reading

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The Therapeutic Relationship

The most successful interventions are based on the relationship you build with a client – what and how you work is secondary. Continue reading

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Stacking Up Your Resources!

Autumn chill requires us to increase our mental and physical resources to maintain health and well-being. Continue reading

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Are We Being True to Our Values?

Beliefs may heavily influence our behaviour but it is our values that motivates us in our lives. Continue reading

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One Year on in Full Self-Employment

A year ago I left the NHS after over 30 years to go fully self-employed and I haven’t looked back! Continue reading

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The warmth of the winter weather, noise and greetings of Fijians grab hold of your senses! Continue reading

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