Staying Focused & Motivated

As we approach the second month of the year how are you doing with your plans for the year ahead?

It may be that you started full of energy and determination but then life got in the way!  If we all got what we wanted with very little effort then I expect we may not value it or become easily bored.  To get to what we want to be or have takes effort, commitment and patience.  The worst thing to do is to beat yourself up about not achieving or giving up.  The testing time for me is often when I am seeing results so I take my foot off the pedal and before I know it I have come to a standstill.


Here are a few tips that can keep you going to get back on track again.

  • Refresh your memory as to why you set the goal in the first place. What inspired you?  What will you gain from it and why is it important to you?  90% of achievement is due to knowing why it is important to you, the 10% is how you are going to achieve it.
  • Give yourself a break. Plan some time away from it but also set the date that you will return to pursuing your goal.
  • Keep breaking your goal down into small chunks and look at each one in turn. Only go onto the next one once you have completed the step before, this prevents feeling overwhelmed or procrastinating.
  • Before you go to sleep each night, in your mind, go through what you are wanting to have or be. Don’t think how you are going to get there but just say “I want…….” and let it percolate into your subconscious.
  • Be flexible in your approach towards achievement. Learn from mistakes, tweak your strategy and if need be take another direction.
  • Just keep moving forward in any way you can and recognise or give yourself a treat/reward each time you have taken another step further to you goal.
  • Talk it over with supportive friends/family and ask for their support and encouragement.
  • Be mindful of any excuses or judgements you make in your mind. It is SO easy to persuade ourselves to take the easy option or to give up that’s why it is really important that you know what difference this achievement is going to make to you.



Good luck and keep going!


About karen812

Personal Development Coach and NLP practitioner, I specialise in managing stress, communications skills and confidence building. I work with individuals but also love working with groups, running workshops and doing presentations.
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