Stacking Up Your Resources!

As I write, there seems to be no chance of an Indian summer and with evenings drawing in and temperatures dropping now is the time to boost our resilience.

Our wellbeing and health, whether that is physical, mental or spiritual, is always finding ways to re-balance and restore.  I liken it to a see-saw – when stress or demands start weighing the see saw down, we need to top up and increase our resources to counter balance this weight.

Resources can be both internal and external and we need a mixture of both to maintain our resilience and health as we come into the next part of the year.

We all currently have or do things that boost this store of resilience such as going on holiday, being with family and friends, engaging in hobbies and interests to name but a few.  However, sometimes we need to do more – to counteract the heavy weight of demands.

So what else can you do?

Internal resources refer to the health of your mind and body.  Are you listening to what your body needs?  Are you giving it the best “fuel” that it requires?  Getting enough sleep?  It is so easy to ignore the expertise of our bodies until it gives us a big wakeup call and we come down with a cold or sprain an ankle.  We are then forced to stop and we have no choice but to look after ourselves.

Are we looking after our emotional health as well as we can?  Are you nipping stress in the bud, sharing problems or managing/ prioritising issues?  We know that mind and body are integrated so what affects one will impact upon the other.

Stack up on your external resources by bringing in relaxation time whether that is having a bath rather than a shower, socialise, exercise or declutter.  Give yourself permission to look after yourself.  If something is not working – change it!  Bring in new healthy habits rather than just go along with habits of doing and thinking that no longer bring any benefits.  Treat yourself – a day out with friends, booking a complimentary therapy session, a mini –break.

The resources on the end of your see-saw don’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  Small changes can be powerful.  The most important thing is to remember that you have control over the equilibrium of your see-saw – give yourself permission to balance and you will get through these forthcoming months with more resilience, health and energy.

Have a healthy Autumn!




About karen812

Personal Development Coach and NLP practitioner, I specialise in managing stress, communications skills and confidence building. I work with individuals but also love working with groups, running workshops and doing presentations.
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