Went on a very interesting workshop recently about releasing negative energies.  It was led by Peter Stedman a Psychic Surgeon and Soul Healer.  This is right out of my comfort zone but am willing to try things out.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of things Peter said  I already do but frame them in a different way.  For example using anchoring techniques after visualising positive energy running through your body.  Having choice and control in your life means going with what is right for you.  Possibly instead of planning everything, just trust in yourself and what is around you and you will get what you need in life.

I started to put this into practice in that instead of having a list of tasks to complete over the weekend I now do what feels right for me to do and it’s amazing how I still get a lot done.

Just changing this small practice has given me more energy and a different way of looking at things.  So why not try something different today – what ever the result you will feel/think/behave differently!

About karen812

Personal Development Coach and NLP practitioner, I specialise in managing stress, communications skills and confidence building. I work with individuals but also love working with groups, running workshops and doing presentations.
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